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2023 September 13 • Wednesday

In the Six Million Dollar Man episode "The Day of the Robot", Steve Austin plays tennis with his old friend Frederick Sloan.

Their conversation indicates that Sloan usually wins. I think he even says that Austin has never taken a set off him before. BUt this time Steve wins, I think in straight sets.

But unlike Jaime Sommers, a professional tennis player who retired from competition once she got bionic limbs, which would give her an unfair advantage, to put it mildly, Steve Austin uses his bionic powers for exactly this purpose, to beat his friend at tennis.

Interestingly, he does this in the worst possible way, using not his legs or arm but his bionic eye to look at where he wants the ball to go when of course taking your eye off the ball is the most common way to make an unforced error.

Oscar Goldman shows up after their match and we can admire how their racquet covers match their outfits.

Two years later, Jim Rockford and sort-of client Marcus Hayes are in a foot chase, car chase, shots fired situation in what appears to be the same park.

I spent minutes comparing the two scenes and I'm satisifed that they, like, probably use the same location. There's a book about The Rockford Files that I'll probably read someday and there's probably also one about The Six Million Dollar Man and maybe they'll confirm this.