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2019 June 12 • Wednesday

Almost four years ago I bought a really nice copy of Charles Long's The Infinite Brain. I admired the cover a great deal but had to convince myself that I would read it someday.

That day has come!

It has a really good first line: "The voices he heard spoke English, so Andrew Galeko knew that he must be back on Earth again".

It's an old-fashioned sort of sci-fi novel, I guess. I'm not an expert. But it's got more or less stock characters and situations.

But it's fairly complex in its story and construction.

Andrew Galeko is a mid-twentieth century multi-millionaire who funds a private project to build a spaceship to Venus.

He ends up taking off in this ship by himself, leaving behind the scientific genius, Hunter, who invented it. And also this other guy, Carrington, who I already kind of forget what his deal was.

Hunter and Galeko are the two poles of the book. Something goes weird with Galeko's journey, exacerbated by his lack of knowledge of space flight and various scientific principles.

Apparently he gets close to the speed of light and ends up getting rescued by another spaceship from Earth, but a thousand years in the future.

The future's a cool place because of this every expanding group mind that settles conflicts when appealed to and is extremely fair and democratic.

But Galeko's mind is in danger of being taken over by the undying brain of an insane Hunter who dreams of death and destruction and vengeance. The consciousness of a younger, saner Hunter is also in play, trying to help Galeko resist.

The story jumps around in time lines and consciousnesses, with Galeko sometimes experiencing more than one at the same time.

It was an unusual and engaging story, simple but at the same time layered and complex.